About Peter Kant(Electrostatic Loudspeakers, Soundrecording, Recordplayers, Turntables, Electrostatic Headphones, Binaural

About Peter Kant

(Electrostatic Loudspeakers Consultant since 1965, author of 8 Inventions, AES member)


From early age (two years old), fond of recorded sound he found his uncle's old acoustic gramophone and discovered that the records are noisy and easily breakable. As a result he was forbidden to touch and play with any mechanical gadgets. Later, as a school boy he assembled from scrap his own gramophone, but replaced the acoustic pick-up with electric adaptor, connected to the radio, ( this time without any damage on the collection of couple 78 records). Later came the years of amateur design of tape recorders and LP cartridges, ton-arms and turn-tables. After graduation from the Sofia's State University-Bulgaria followed many professional designs of an amplifiers, cassette-deck recorders, two books, many technical papers. As a recording engineer (Bulgarian State Radio - 1981) he developed a new "sphere -stereo microphone" for COMPATIBLE STEREO/BINAURAL recordings. After the foundation of " Electrostatic Laboratory" (ESLAB) followed the design of Electrostatic Headphones (Gold medal 1984), and Full Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers (1985). Now retired he want to share on these pages his experience in the field of the sound recording and reproduction. In the same time he is writing a (third) book "ELECTROSTATIC LOUDSPEAKERS AND HEADPHONES"

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