Web Site Design

We Will Design You An Attractive Home Page

The Principle.The name of the game is to make your site sell your products, not to impress you with all the latest Java gadgets to make it look "cool" (and irritate your users in the process). Any gadgets on your site will be there for a purpose: to sell.

The Three Golden Ingredients

  1. Photos

    Would you go into a shop and buy something without seeing it first?

    Every Web site We design has plenty of good-quality photos on it. You'll see.

  2. Content

    Have you ever heard anyone say "You must visit this site, it's got great graphics"?

    Sure, it's nice to have a pinch of graphics for 'seasoning', but free and useful information is the key to a successful site. Without it, no amount of killer graphics will save you from a silent cash till.

    We'll make suggestions as to what kind of info you should be supplying for your site and re-write it where necessary to make it irresistible to paying customers.

  3. Promotion

    It doesn't matter how good your Web site is if nobody sees it. It's important to be listed in all the places where people will visit and click on the link to your page. As you know, this is a particular our speciality and it's all included in the price.

    The Important Stuff. The rate for site design is $50/hour.

    W'll give you a rough estimate to start with, having seen all the material you have, and ask for an initial deposit. You'll be kept posted about costs along the way as the job progresses.
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