Binaural microphones

Comparison Between Binaural Microphones

Neumann Binaural Microphone KU 100h


The KU 100 is a human head replica with microphones inside of the ears. It is used for binaural pick-up to create the most realistic stereo recordings. This third-generation design is loudspeaker compatible, and accurately reproduces ambient acoustics with information about distance, direction, and perspective. It offers exceptional speech intelligibility in noisy environments. Applications for the KU 100 include radio drama, special effects for film, outdoor nature recordings, acoustic evaluation, and scientific research.

Price-US$ 6,100.00

Schoeps KFM6 Binaural Microphone


Novel, head-related stereo main microphone for loudspeaker reproduction
Stereo main microphones are distinguished by the simplicity of the recording technique and of the setup: Only two capsules and recording tracks are required, and with the KFM 6 only one microphone cable is needed. With the sphere microphone the interaural differences are similar to those occurring at the human head.
The KFM 6 sphere microphone is the embodiment of a newly- developed stereo main-microphone design using an acoustic baffle. "Dummy head" systems are well-known for the excellent results they can provide, but the recordings made with such systems are suitable only for headphone listening.
The frequency response on the stereo main axis of the KFM 6 is flat when measured at the output of either channel. If a sound source moves around the sphere, the intensity in the one channel will increase by the same amount as it decreases in the other. This is brought about by the unique construction of the microphone capsules, the effect of the sphere as an acoustic baffle, and some special electronic circuitry built into the amplifier. As a result, the sum of the energy from the two channels is largely independent of the angle.

Price- US$ 6,735.00

ESLAB "Sphere" Binaural Microphone

Sphere Microphone
Two special high quality pressure transducers are mounted flush on the surface of a sphere 15 cm in diameter.
Such a microphone configuration would not only provide spectral-vs-angular incidence information but also interaural arrival-time cues, the main difference between the ordinary Stereo Microphones and the Binaural microphoines.
This explains why a sound image quite similar to that for a listener at the microphone position is obtained, with the room ambience included.
The frequency response on the main axis of the microphone in the free sound field and also the frequency response in the diffuse sound field remains flat.
The ESLAB "Sphere" microphone was developed so that comparable results could be achieved for headphones and loudspeaker playback. Designed for Field and Concert recordings.
For more information about this unique Stereo Microphone please go to: Unique Sphere Stereo Microphone ESLAB

Price-US$ 390.00

Core Sound's "High End Binaural" microphones

Core Sound's "High End Binaural" microphones starts with two DPA4061s (or DPA4060s), selected so that they are matched to within 1 dB.
For binaural recordings the cartridges are aimed outward (not forward) much as your ears are. This copies the human ear, ensures a true binaural pickup pattern, and accurately captures sonic information coming from all directions.
The HEB microphones require a bias voltage. The HEB "battery box" contains a nine volt battery and associated electronics.
The HEBs have a very flat and extended low frequency response. In some cases, particularly where the hall or sound system has an emphasized bass frequency response ("hall boom"), it is desirable to roll off the low bass frequency response using the switchable box. It is switched between flat response and the bass filter response very easily.

Price- US$ 980.00

Core Sound Binaural Microphone

Core Sound Binaural Microphones are omnidirectional and pick up sounds in all directions more or less equally. They are very well suited for tapers on a budget and are a good choice for recording concerts and lectures.
The microphones are very unobtrusive. When in place, they look like eyeglass retainers. (intended for eyeglass mounting) The microphones themselves are amazingly small. When the cord is routed down a shirt or sweater, there's little evidence that you are creating a very high fidelity recording of a sound event.

Price- US$ 230.00

Low Cost Binaural Microphone Set

Price- US$ 75.00 per pair


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